Great $ 1 Million Houses in Not California

Great $ 1 Million Houses in Not California

$ 1 million homes can also be great. It can have a beautiful interior and some other facilities. Not California is one of the places, where you can get everything. Other details of the houses located in the area are given here.

img_07Lake Toxaway is one of the best places in Northern California, due to the presence of Great Smoky Mountains. It is just are a 3-hour drive from the famous Atlanta and Charlotte N.C. Another significant aspect of the area is that national forests and also some attractive parkland surround the place.

The house is built on a hilltop state, which is based around the lake to keep the area completely private. Apart from accessing the lake, the residents of the place also have the option to walk around the pavilion to enjoy a walk with friends and family. The best part of the society is that it have 800 houses within an area of only 5000 acres. A country club is also present with a golf course and a tennis field. The golf course has 18 holes in it, and membership of the club is optional for the residents.

The interior of the place

The place has two 19 th -century buildings, which are based on houses from Indiana, and is two- story log cabin. The project was designed by Allen Halcomb, a firm that has a specialty in building log cabins and houses from timber frame, which is frequently used for the operations of salvage.

Most of the woods are made from oak, which is entirely original, and the doors are also made from original poplar, which is used to make doors and windows. The experienced blacksmiths, who give their best to maintain the beauty of the indoor and the interior decoration, also make the railings and chandeliers.

Apart from the stainless steel appliances, which are found inside the houses, there is a kitchen, which is equipped with a fireplace, and also a bread oven. There are also hand-painted tiles in the kitchen, which increases the beauty of the house. There is also a place for dormitory style sleeping and area for playing, which is meant for children.

The other side of the cabin is a breeze way, where the bedrooms are present. Two of them have bathrooms, where there are soaking tubs and the surroundings are made from tiles. The showers have a three-panel mosaic made from tiles. The bathrooms have glowing heated floors, where items are present all over the place. The lower part of a particular floor is the upper part of the bedroom, which is below it. Thus the interior is great in the house.