Necessities and Upgrades Depending Upon the Investment

Necessities and Upgrades Depending Upon the Investment

Development in a particular society is critical. But, due to some expenses and problems, they are not always done properly. The breaking of the wall in the lobby at Southbridge 1 is one of them. Read the other details here.

Breaking the walls of the lobby seemed to be some improvement, which was felt by some residents in the Southbridge Cooperative Section 1, which is a bundle of buildings in a large sized apartment in the famous Jackson Heights, Queens.

The Southbridge 1, which is a part of the section, opted to break the walls two years ago, which as used to connect two lobbies, which could have made it easier to reach the laundry room, by not going through outside. The renovation of $120000 helped in the creation of an extra bathroom for all the residents and that too with a library with chairs and some board games in the society.


It helped the residents given the fact that they can quickly reach the laundry section without the need of wearing formals and they can now rich laundry by wearing slippers. In the Southbridge 1, the prices had increased ten times in the last three decades, which means the newcomers should have a huge amount of income to live there. But they are not distinguished by the income, but they are distinguished by their power of expenditure.

According to one of the residents, the change is very positive and thus, they do not need to spend a lot of money to live there. The resident bought a bedroom in the year 1992 for a price of less than $25,000. But after that, the bedroom was sold at $200,000. But according to the president, he will not need any library in the lobby, as he does not spend a lot of time in that location.

It is seen that over the past few years the prices of different houses at New York are on the rise. As a result of the increase in prices, the residents are facing a lot of troubles in purchasing houses in affluent areas, and they cannot incur the costs of the homes. At a particular house two generations are living at a particular point in time, and in most of the cases, they have fixed incomes. Thus, it might become difficult for the other members to cope with the growing investments before breaking the wall.

In fact it is noticed that the people at that place are facing the problems of being rich in the point of view of real estate, but they are not having a lot of money with themselves, and it is said by one of the residents of that place. The monthly maintenance charge on an average increased by about 33% since 2008, and now it is $1.94, which was previously $1.46, according to one of the data given by one of the recent appraisals.

All the people at that place are not happy, and they always say that they are not rich and say that they do not have beautiful apartments in place of Manhattan. They also referred to some new residents of that area. But they also say that they are comparatively wealthy than other residents, who are living in that place, by considering the lifestyle, way of living, and many other similar aspects.

A lot of residents even say that there could be a lot of developments, and some projects are yet to start. As everybody does not have the equal amount of wealth, they cannot take a unanimous decision to start a particular project or develop something, which requires some development in that particular area. Whatever may it be, the breaking of the wall can be helpful given the fact that they can spend some additional sum of money for the development of the society, which can be useful afterward.