The Biggest Donors of Donors Trump in the State of Washington

The Biggest Donors of Donors Trump in the State of Washington

Donald Trump is one of the most famous politicians. He won the state of Washington and is having some supporters. He got are a lot of contribution from his followers and supporters. A few details are given here.

Donald Trump won the complete state of Washington, but it did not stop his supporters from supporting him in his campaign.

According to a business Journal, the particular presidential candidate has received some support from the donors in Washington.

Some Americans got the stress of election in the particular year

Peter Gigante gave almost $10,000 to Trump’s campaign. He is listed as a self-employed in the business of international trade. He is one of them, who have contributed the most to Trump, among others who is living in Washington. But he also said that he contributed more, and will give more if necessary.


Trump’s donors and details

There are more than 40 Trump donors, the names of which are mentioned in the business Journal, and they gave him a total of $2700 or even more. The names of all the donors are provided in a rank rational manner. A few of the biggest contributions include Hillary Clinton’s place Seattle, which gave almost $1995000, and it was the most significant contribution. Other big cities include Bolivia Clinton, which gave approximately $211000.

The one who is 2 nd in the least of donors is Vancouver’s Joe French, who gave almost $5000. The next is Larry Blake of Bellevue, who gave nearly $2900.

Other supporters, also donors gave Donald Trump $2700, which is very high. It has been found that most of the donors, who contributed a lot of money, are retired, where there are also some people who are listed as President, CEO, and other high posts in the field of real estate and construction industry.