The Fun of Fishing at East Cape

The Fun of Fishing at East Cape

Fishing is a great hobby. If you want to catch some fishes, East Cape is one of the best places for you. The place is easy to reach and has a lot of accommodation facilities. Other good sides of the site are given here.

The East Cape Baja is one of the best places for the purpose of fishing and another kind of actions related to that of an amusement related to fishes. The location is enough offshore, and the presence of calm waters is responsible for new pleasure and also fun in that place. 15 to 20-mile run will be necessary to reach the location, and you can also book your journey beforehand if you want to reach fast. Some canyons are also available on the coast.

img_09Some game fish are found in the area, and a few of the favorite fishes include Strict myelin, black marlin, blue marlin, dorado, tuna prowl and much more. The blue waters of the sea enter the area, and you can easily reach the place as it is only 2 or 4 miles away and some other fishes are also available in this field, as it is a place which is a junction of 2 glasses of water making it suitable for some other fishes.

Bluefish can be quickly caught at the place, but it is mostly found in the winter season due to suitable climatic conditions. But, apart from the winter months, bluefish is also available in other seasons, but it is not as high as the winter months. Some other fishes at the place include Sierra, skipjack, and bonito. Other fishes are also found in the location.

Modern fish marlin is also found in the month of March. The number also increase in the month of March, which is comparatively more compared to the number of fishes in the same location in the other times of the year. In the month of June and July, shellfish arrives at the site. The weights vary between 80 and 140 pounds. The months from July to October can be considered as one of the best time for blue marlin, as they are mostly found at that particular time.

Not many fishes are found in the months of May to June, and October and November. The summer is the best season for fishing grew marlin and black marlin. At Bahia Los Frailes, the shore lies only a few meters away and is just below or behind the surfing line.

The way to visit the place

If you want to visit East Cape, you can easily visit that place with the help of a car or by getting a taxi from San Jose del Cabo or La Paz airport. The time to travel the distance is almost 45 to 50 minutes, or it can even be 1 to 1 ½ hours if there is a lot of traffic jam.

The right sides of the area

In the East Cape, you can find a few of the best combinations of fishes, which makes it quite attractive for the fishermen to catch fishes in the area. The sole reason behind the availability of some combinations is the beautiful location and also the topography of the underwater world.

Sierra and ladyfish are also caught on the beach. Apart from that widespread species, other favorite species of fish are also available in the area. Another big reason behind the availability of some fish is that the depth of the water in the place is almost 1000 feet, which make it one of the best places for the living off the fishes.


Availability of staying

If you are willing to remain in East Cape, they are some options available for you. One of the best choices, which are available for you, is to stay in the lodges, which are available at very affordable prices, and the comfort of living in such places is also high, which is one of the big reasons, that the guests always love living in such lodges. If you have any relative in the place, you can also stay there, and regularly drive to East Cape, and it can be a good option if you do not want to spend a lot of money behind staying in lodges.