The Surreal and Strange Trends of Houses in the Real Estate Market

When the term property comes to your mind, you certainly think of the business which deals with the selling of homes. Houses those are luxurious, cozy and equipped with various sorts of trends like technologies, designs, and features.

However, as a buyer, you hardly ever have thoughts of houses where it isn’t something like you drew as a kind. With a front door, a roof that is titled, windows and a chimney. After all, that is the kind of houses we see all around us. But lo and behold! Here are some crazy houses that buyers have been sporting for in the real estate market. They are not just strange and different but surreal as well. Luxury Real Estate Rolla has a great list of properties to choose from. And that is because you never really expect someone to make an expensive and a firm housing decision about something as diverse as that.

The Strange Trends

Well, prepare to be amazed. Here are the latest real estate trends that are off the charts and our imaginations as well and people love as they seek.

  • Tree Houses – every kid loved to have their tree houses where they would hold secret meetings with their friends, conduct experiments and have fun and sleepovers at times too. But could you imagine yourself buying a fully-fledged tree house for living instead of the purchase of a regular old house? Well, some people are doing it, and it is a fantastic idea. How do tree houses offer perks and drawbacks?
    • Perks:
      1. It makes you feel adventurous.
      2. Life is simpler in a tree house and not to mention cozy.
      3. It is a paradise for the nature lovers.
      4. You can have multiple stories and add all modern technologies in your savvy tree house.
    • Drawbacks:
      1. You need to gain various legal acts before making the tree your permanent home.
      2. You will miss the conventional home at times.
  • Tiny & Small houses – Yes, just how it sounds tiny houses just cut up the spaces that the traditional rooms have. These houses have about 500-meter squares and include every essential facility you may need.
    • Perks of a tiny house:
      1. Suitable for urban and rural places.
      2. You won’t have an expensive real estate tax to handle.
    • Drawbacks:
      1. Might become a problem for those who love spacious rooms.
      2. Movement restrictions are a common problem you will face.
  • Passive Houses – Started in the 1980s in Germany, passive houses has become a popular trend. These are similar to tiny houses, but here more steps are taken towards energy efficiency and conservation.
    • Perks:
      1. You will get to use advanced technologies like solar facilities, sophisticated window systems, air tightness and more.
      2. The landscapes are efficiently designed and built.
    • Drawbacks:
      1. Passive houses are "green" homes. Hence, it can be a bit heavy in your pocket.Source:

Hence, you can try out these trends for yourself. Even if as a hobby or as a real estate project.